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The History of Mowbraytown and its Photographic Gallery in Brisbane

The Mowbraytown Church structure is located at Mowbray Terrace, East Brisbane. It was built in 1885 at a cost of 600 pounds. The surrounding precinct was also then commonly referred to as Mowbraytown.

After its closure as a Church in 1997 the building was reopened to the community as the Mowbraytown Photographic Gallery. The gallery displayed historic photographic images illustrating many aspects of Australia’s history. During this time a new initiative by the gallery to document important historical images was launched. Known as “The Great Aussie Print Hunt ” a number of campaigns have been initiated to locate and copy important historical photographs held by the community at large. Utilising Press, Radio and Television each Print Hunt has been successful in securing and sharing important images of Australia’s past.

Although the Church building is no longer open to the public, this site shows photographs of the Gallery taken in 1998, with links to a selection of historic images that have been sourced during ongoing Print Hunt campaigns sponsored by Duraprints Australia Pty Ltd.

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